AuthLN is a patented, proof-of-work authentication platform that requires users to stake a real, financial value to access a network.

No Counterparty fees or Chargebacks.

The Cyber Problem

It costs a hacker nothing to attack.

This makes the posture of all cybersecurity solutions reactive at best.

If measured as a country, cybercrime would be the 3rd largest global economy.

Cyber criminals face very few legal repercussions

For companies, cybersecurity is a cost-center.

Cybercrime Pays Well

No Legal Defense

Company Cost-Center

Monetized Protection

AuthLN shifts all of the risk to the attacker

By leveraging economic deterrence, AuthLN aims to make cyber crime unprofitable.

Cybersecurity is no longer a cost-center, but a revenue opportunity.

Transform your cybersecurity posture from reactive to proactive

Harden your target and reduce risk beyond MFA.

Additional Revenue Streams

Proactive Security

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Authorization Management
Identity-Access for Application Access.

What is it?

Challenges the intent of unauthorized users by requiring a physical cost per attempt. (i.e. pay for a PoW key).

What does it do?

A layered solution requiring unauthorized users pay to attempt access.

Who does it protect against?

Cybercriminals, Bots, Hackers, Phishers, State-Sponsored Actors

Session Management
Identity-Access for Session Compliance

A layered solution requiring users to pay to attempt access and comply with policy during session.

What is it?

What does it do?

Enforces compliance with network rules and policies during authenticated session.

Who does it protect against?

Cybercriminals, Botnets, Spammers, Insiders, State-Sponsored Actors

AuthLN Platforms


AuthLN disrupts cybersecurity prevention from reactive to proactive, enabling companies not only to enforce policies more effectively but open an additional revenue stream from thwarted attack attempts and policy violations.

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